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Electronic Cigarettes Are The Talk Of The Town

June 10, 2016

e-cigs-ukIf you are a tobacco smoker, you just barely made it in time. If you had waited much longer, you would probably be dead in the next several years from lung cancer or COPD. Does that sound too harsh? Maybe it does, but now is your chance to get off of tobacco cigarettes and switch to the new, electronic cigarettes. You might as well, because everybody else is, and you can enjoy the same habit, and it won’t kill you.

The electronic cigarette, or the e cigarette was said to have been invented in China in the 1960’s, but came to prominence in a big way around 2008 or 2009. Those years resulted in sales in the 50 to 60 thousand areas, and they are expected to be over 1 billion in 2014. Millions are leaving tobacco based products and moving to the electronic cigarettes.

The makeup of the device consists of a cylindrical object that is hollow on the inside and open at one end. There is a small container of a glycol liquid that is heated and atomized, creating a harmless vapor, that is inhaled and exhaled just like the smoke from a tobacco cigarette.

The e liquid, as it is sometimes called, can be blended with just about any flavor you can think of as well as nicotine. In fact, the nicotine can be varied in its strength, so a person can start out with a similar strength as their tobacco cigarette, and then taper it down gradually, until they no longer need it.

Of course they can leave it alone and still get the nicotine hit, without the dangerous, cancer laden tobacco smoke that they once inhaled. The product has grown from a novelty, to a “wow factor”, to now being a real threat to big tobacco.

This is simply true as evidenced by Lolliard purchasing Blu Ecigs last year, and Reynolds coming out with their own brand of electronic cigarettes. Now designs of the devices are becoming unique and the color of the packaging and the products are something to behold. Ecigarettes are becoming something of a fashion and social statement, as evidenced at some of the more recent entertainment awards ceremonies, where they were quite prominent throughout.

Truthfully, the momentum of this product is clearly out of control, and the demand continues to mount. If nothing else, if more people switch from tobacco to ecigs, the lung cancer death toll could be changed dramatically.